App Development


We turn your dreams and ideas into reality & add our inputs as well to deliver the best mobile app.

An application becomes an effective way to communicate and connect with an audience considering the increasing usage of smartphones.

When it comes to developing Mobile App Development, our talented team at Anvis Infotech is more than capable of creating almost everything across platforms right from IOS Apps, Android Apps, Blackberry apps Facebook apps, Web applications and many more.

Anvis Infotech: Top Mobile App Development Company in India

An application becomes a very effective way to communicate and connect with your audience.

Anvis Infotech – creates mobile apps across all the various mobile Operating System platforms that are custom built to cater specifically to your niche.

The apps help to increase brand awareness for your products and services to a great extent.

In short, the agency makes sure that the app utilizes every aspect of the operating system which will work wonders for a brand while representing the desired brand image and be maintaining tonality.

The need of today is to get connected with customers as per their convenience no matter which device they are using.

And Mobile App Development is the perfect solution to these needs. Anvis Infotech – Combines both creativity and technology to tell a brand’s story through the mobile devices with our great build apps.

A few tips for Developing Great Mobile App

The process of designing an app needs consideration of several aspects of mobile devices such as screen sizes, size of the app, user’s internet speed and many more add to the list.

Overcoming these challenges requires strategic and effective approaches to counter-attack the problems that arise.

Implement Interaction Design – Less screen requires more interaction design. The main basic elements of interaction design that a mobile application needs are as follow:

Goal Centric Design – Your app must have a specific goal.

Usefulness- Your audience should really find it useful.

Affordance- Initially your app must be free.

Feedback & Response- Users must allow providing their feedback in terms of usage and features provided.

Knowing your Audience – The more you learn about your audience, the better it becomes to address their concerns and make better UI and UX for an app. Other things to keep in mind include:-


User scenarios

Mapping the experience

Flow Mapping – Mapping the user flows is important in several actions assists Mobile App development. Create an app prototype which will include – page by page sketches of the app with all its buttons and design elements.

Boost Usability with better Patterns – Mobile app design can easily incorporate ease of use through various design patterns such as including the use of the thumb, orientation, and buttons to make it easy to use.

Designing for the Thumb – Most users hold their phone single handed and use their thumbs for navigating through their apps, hence your UI elements must be placed within the close range of the thumb.